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William Macann’s Medal

Front of Medal for Bravery and Conduct, 1st Class
Identifying number: 
CM 1976.163.1

William Macann’s Medal

Sergeant-Major William Macaan (1887-1974), service number 26296, was awarded the medal for bravery and conduct first class following his heroic actions in the First World War. The medal features King Carol I of Romania in the centre. The colours on the ribbon match the colours of the Romanian flag. William never talked much about his wartime experiences. His daughters Grace and Mavis vaguely recall one of his friends telling them a story about how their father rescued a soldier from no-man’s-land. While they can’t be sure, the sisters suspect this was the event that led to their father getting the medal.

On loan at the Canterbury Museum courtesy of William Macaan's family.

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