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Waimate Remembers Exhibition at Waimate Museum

Date published: 
Tuesday, 1 September, 2015

Waimate Remembers: objects and stories of the First World War – an exhibition that tells the stories of the people of Waimate during the Great War, is open now at the Waimate Museum. This exhibition turns back the pages of Waimate history to tell the stories of the people who went to war and those that stayed behind.

Museum staff and members have worked together in designing and developing an insightful and memorable exhibition that will be of interest to adults and children alike.

The Lotteries Grant Board has provided funding for a special project to make the Waimate Museum and Archives WWI collections more accessible through digitisation and postings on the NZMuseums website. As a result we can share more artefacts and stories with those who are unable to visit the museum.

“The Waimate Historical Society committee is proud to be able to display such a variety of objects and stories from its collections. We appreciate that people from our community have donated items and shared stories of their family’s involvement during the Great War as well.” said the Society’s chair Glenda Begg.

One local school has already participated in an education programme based around the Waimate Remembers exhibition with the help of the Heritage Education Service educators. It is expected other local schools will follow their example.

Material is being added to the collection progressively so it is worth several visits. Members of the public are encouraged to share personal stories and artefacts with the museum. Family artefacts can be digitised whereby the artefact remains with the owner or they can be donated to the museum.

 What you will see in the exhibit:

  •   The Martin Collection – a significant collection of WWI memorabilia belonging to 2nd Lieutenant Andrew Martin who served at Gallipoli and Palestine. The collection includes a Turkish bullet which was not removed from his back until some 60 years after he was shot.
  • Photographs and artwork from the WWI period including watercolours of Gallipoli by Horace Moore-Jones.
  •  Memorabilia of Lieutenant Albert Smith, a local man who was killed in action at Ypres in 1917. Included is the WWI Memorial plaque, or Dead man’s penny, given to his family after his death.
  • Happenings on the Homefront: certificates and photos of what the Waimate community was doing back home to support the war effort.
  •  Armistice and Peace Celebrations images
  • Competition to win a box of ‘Peace’ chocolates.


Waimate Museum and Archives

Sue Hanham

ph: 03 689 7842

Image: Maria Henry, Office Coordinator, holding the WWI Turkish Bullet which was removed from Lieutenant Andrew Martin’s back some 60 years after he was shot.